Founded in 2017, Mountain Kingdom Drops has since dedicated to providing customers with refreshing and invigorating experience through our exceptional water. We take great pride in sourcing our water from Lesotho’s untouched landscapes, ensuring its purity and authenticity.

Obedience and adherence to quality and healthy standards is the hallmark of our existence. Just as our slogan says, “Purity in every Drop”, we guarantee that every drop that we deliver is of the highest quality. Quality Control, Assurance and meticulous attention to detail enable us to bring you a product that embodies the true essence of Lesotho’s natural wonders.

MKdrops was founded on the ideal that water is life, thus the quality and quantity of water available for consumption determines the quality of life for all mankind. Thus MKdrops, from its inception, was founded with the sole purpose of providing quality water in quantities that guarantee reliable enjoyment of life for our clientele.

Our vision

Hydrating the World with Lesotho’s chemical free water

Our mission

To supply clients with good quantities of quality water at fair prices and on time

Our guidance

We believe in quality through production processes, efficiency in delivery and compassion in our dealings. Obedience to the healthy standards is the hallmark of our existence.

Our source & treatment

Significant amount of time has been invested in picking our source. In selection of this source, our clients were placed at the centre of our selection processes, their needs brought to the fore to ultimately form the deciding factor to pick this source. 

Therefore, we source water from the borehole that we named POMPONG drilled at Sehlabeng from the village called Lefikeng. This cool and rejuvenating source is situated on the best water fountains that Mother Nature can provide our kingdom. According to the elders, the name Lefikeng came about due to abundance of water even in driest times where people would come from different villages and hide under the Huge Rock’s (Lefika) shade while waiting on the line to draw water from the spring that was and still is near that Rock (Lefika).

Pompong water has been tested and certified safe for human consumption by the University of the Free State under the South African National Standards (SANS). Based on SANS 241 for drinking water, Pompong water was thus declared clean, pure and ready to drink directly from the source and without undergoing any purification process. Mkdrops has thus made a promise and commitment to deliver its customers with this water, bottling it straight from the source, with only simple filtering and UV light to guarantee maximum purity. Mkdrops tests its water from time to time to make sure it complies with the standards at all times.

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